The Devil's Hotrod Rocked the Wheel Club Yesterday!!!


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Yesterday night was the big Red Hot & Blue fundraiser night at the Wheel Club, featuring the Devil's Hotrod and Miss Oui Oui Encore!

It was the first time I saw the Devil's Hotrod live in action, and let me tell you there was a lot of heat on stage! Here is the only decent picture I was able to take from my cell phone to immortalize the moment.

I couldn't find a website about the band, but I found a much better picture of $leepy, the double-bassist (shown right). This musician certainly has style and talent! you should see him manoeuver with the huge double-bass and ride it like a bull while playing!!!

Nathalie Lavergne (Happy Birthday Nat!) made a big announcement at the end of the night that the Devil's Hotrod were going to play at the Red Hot & Blue Weekend, in St-Hyacinthe, October 2006. A show not to be missed!

Miss Oui Oui Encore! has got the crowd's attention in between the Devil's Hotrod's first and second sets. What does she do exactly?

Strip tease!

With her cats' eyes and furry ears, this pussy cat was dancing playfully to a sassy retro song and was wearing less and less as the song was moving forward...

Did she take it all off? I won't tell you! But if you want to see for yourself, check out the Blue Light Burlesque's next public appearance on the troupe's official website, where you can also find information about taking burlesque classes and appointing her for bachelorette parties.

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  1. Marie-Elizabeth |

    C'etait vraiment cool! J'me suis fait du fun. Merci de m'avoir invite.
    p.s. Super blog!


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