A New Yahoo Group: Montreal Jive


Written on 5:40 p.m. by Unknown

I'm a part of several Yahoo Groups already, namely:

So why create a new one for jivers? Simply because, ever since I was involved in the jive and swing scene of Montreal about 6 years and half ago now, I saw how the two distinct crowds do not mix that much.

Of course, there are always the few crossovers like Jiver007 and me, but we are a minority. Basically, the swing dancers interested in jive never end up on the Montreal Hepcat Movement group and the rockabillies who enjoy jiving never join or read the SwingMtl group either. The jivers are so few in Montreal that if only 1% of the swingmtl list is about jive, why would the jivers receive all the other emails that don't interest them?

By creating a channel for jivers, I hope to raise a sense of unity among jivers from both backgrounds without them needing to join the other group if it doesn't interest them. Welcome to Montreal Jive!

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