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Written on 2:17 a.m. by Unknown

I discovered this cute little convenient signature from TickerFactory today. It let you count down to a date or to a goal and keeps track of your progress... It can be used in discussion boards and forums, emails, blogs, etc. Basically, anywhere you can use HTMl or BB code.

Here are two example tickers I made for my personal goals:

This one keeps track of my progress in doing the Yoga Booty Ballet -10 weeks plan

This other one counts the pounds I've shed off by sticking to the program.

Grab your own ticker and have fun customizing it the way you want!

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  1. Hélène et Pierre |

    bravo cynthia!

    C'est fantastique continues tu es sur la bonne voie !!!

  2. Hélène et Pierre |

    Bravo Cynthia ! Belle progression ... continues ! Hélène


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