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Sounds like a Nike advertisment? Well it isn't.

You see a couple of days ago, I was seduced by a new workout/body shaping program I saw on t.v. and I impulsively made the call to order it. Now the package arrived home and I don't know where to start. Or maybe I just don't really want to start.

My fears include:

  • Counting calories
  • Weighing food : I don't have a food scale, I don't even have a person scale!
  • Rediscover a military-like discipline
  • Measuring my own body parts
  • Having someone take my 'before' shot
  • Cheating in the process
The program is called Yoga Booty Ballet and incorporates elements and benefits from yoga, ballet, hip hop and cabaret dancing (I can never get enough dancing!), musculation and cardio.

It starts with a 2 days of fasting, moves on to an intensive 7 days of controlled diet and exercise twice a day and can be maintained with a lighter, more moderate program during the rest of the year.

First things first: opening the package
Everything seems normal at first.

Then, I realise I was shipped the DVDs instead of the VHS tapes I had ordered. This wouldn't be too bad because I can read the DVDs from my laptop about just anywhere I want, but I was planning to see it on the t.v. screen in my bedroom...

When I read the little booklet of information about what is supposed to be included in the package, nothing is explained about the hip hop and the cabaret DVDs and I'm supposed to have another 2 yoga tapes Basics and Advanced... Oh, wait, these are all included under the same DVD, so I guess I'm not missing anything.

Next: grocery shopping
Ok, I skipped the part where I'm reading the booklets because I went through it as I opened the package... I need protein powder, citrus, lean meat, cottage cheese... and a food scale!

I'm dressing a list from the menu I'll be following in the next week and I'll be ready to go as soon as Brian comes back with the car.

Next 2 days of fasting:
I'm allowed to drink. Drink water, water and water again. My 3 'meals' of the day will be a glass of freshly pressed vegetable juice (now how am I supposed to do that?) that I can choose from a list. The water in between my 'meals' should contains lemon juice. I can't exercise other than something really smooth like walking. For this reason, and because I have a dance workout scheduled tonight, I'll start my fasting tomorrow!

I am still scared that this is something I might start and not finish, or cheat on... But it is such an adventure and I could never do it if I was working full-time so now's the best time to do it!

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